AKC Group of Companies

AKC Group

  • AKC Data Systems: Software Development & Hardware. AKC Data Systems
  • BACFO Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd.: R & D, Manufacturing of Herbal Medicines. BACFO Pharmaceuticals
  • Cincorp: Manufacturing of Injection Blow Moulded Bottles. Cincorp
  • Crossborder Placements Ltd.: Recruitment & Placements.
  • Crossborder Legal Systems: Contracts, Joint Ventures, Legal Services.
  • First Grade Force: Vigilance & Security.
  • Kräuter Healthcare Ltd.: Manufacturing of Natural Personal Care Products.
  • Kunstocom (India) Ltd.: Design & Development of Moulds, Plastic Components. Kunstocom
  • Stratega Finance: Finance & Leasing.
  • Technicom Chemie (India) Ltd.: Turnkey Projects, Marketing of Plants & Machinery. Technicom Chemie
  • Tegro: Construction & Projects.
  • Transmedia Advertising: Publishing & Advertisements.